We must put public education as a top priority in Kentucky by fully funding public schools and expanding preschool programs. A strong educational system is the foundation for a economically sound Kentucky. To ensure Kentucky's schools continue to be staffed with highly qualified teachers the inviolable contract must be honored  by  fully funding pensions and all benefits. Pay equity across the state must be a priority. 


Successful schools do not happen without great support staff.  We must find ways to pay our support staff a fair and living wage along with benefits.

The state must find ways to support post-secondary institutions so tuition will be affordable. Kentucky students should be able to attend college or trade school without being burdened with student debt that hampers them.


In order for Kentucky to prosper we must have roads and bridges that are safe to travel. Our citizens deserve access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water. We must look for ways to protect our environment and develop recycling programs that will benefit our citizens while protecting Kentucky. Various forms of energy must be explored in order to provide cleaner and cheaper energy. In the age of technology we must improve broadband service to all Kentuckians. Our rural areas deserve reliable internet and telephone service.


Every Kentuckian must be assured they can receive affordable healthcare. Choices should not have to be made on whether to purchase the life-saving medication needed. Medication costs must be capped. Women deserve the needed medical care specific to them and birth control should be provided at little to no cost. Legalization of medical cannabis must happen for those that conventional medicines do not work. 

Tax Reform and Revenue

It is time to take a serious look at our upside-down tax code to make it fair and equitable for all Kentuckians.  We must reevaluate corporate tax breaks and programs that are giving tax dollars away without bringing revenue to Kentucky. 


Streams of revenue must be found and all possibilities considered. We can not continue to be stagnant and stymied when it comes to revenue options.

  Social Justice and the Drug Epidemic

We must treat drug addiction as a disease and get control of the drug epidemic in our commonwealth. Incarceration without treatment will not stop this epidemic. Developing treatment and support systems in our jails and prisons will help those battling addiction. Treatment centers that are certified and affordable must be more readily available to our citizens. The incarceration of Kentuckians for minor offenses or drug related charges are filling our jails. Release from jail should not be contingent upon one's ability to meet bail. The rights of the disenfranchised are not equal to those that have the means to be at home while waiting for trail. It is imperative that we have bail reform. 

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